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Having played together in numerous bands over many years, Sheila Schat (violin, cello, vocals) and Dan Olmsted (guitar, vocals, melodica) now perform as Dandeline, without their amps.

2012 Recordings (recording with Myles Boison at Guerrilla Recording. John Shiurba on upright bass)

  • Diana Mp3
  • Quit Your Thinking Mp3
  • Jolie Monde Mp3
  • Caravan To Hawaii Mp3

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self-titled album
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Download and enjoy these MP3s of Dandeline's music:

2001 EP (sneak preview)

Live 4/6/01 at Edinburgh Castle

  • I Am Away
  • Amelia
  • Dalva - with guest musicians Ralph Carney, Ted Savarese, Allen Whitman and Jon Luini improv-ing away to Dan's strange gopher-speak!
All songs ©2000,2001 Schat/Olmsted.

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